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Programming Quest

Learning and Understanding Computer Programming

Hello, world.

I know why you're here. The same reason I am - enlightenment. I don't mean that in a spiritual sense. You want to go beyond gaining knowledge, you want gain an understanding. There is a difference. Knowing something or what it is capable of does not mean you understand how to make it so.

Therefore, I have set myself a challenge, not limited by time to sharpen up my general programming abilities. In the process of doing so I'm sharing what I learn in hope that it might help you some day.

What is the aim of Programming Quest?

The objective is to not only learn programming languages but, by writing about what I'm learning I hope to gain a deep understanding of each topic.

Each topic will only cover a very specific and narrow part, function or operation of a programming language. This should allow me to put maximal concentration on a single focus and hone my skills one bit at a time.

What spurred this want for understanding functions of a programming language comes from a little interaction I had with scanf() in C. Anyone who's written a program in C using scanf() to receive various types of input will know what I'm talking about.

Where do I start?

There's a link to the Programming Quest Blog in the menu for quick access. I call it a blog for lack of a better understanding of what it will be eventually. Perhaps view it as a Learning Environment.

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